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Leather Cleaning Savannah GA

It's important to find the most professional leather cleaning Savannah has to offer when you have this type of beautiful furniture in the home. Leather can offer a lot of benefits to a family: from comfort to easy cleanup to adding elegance to the overall appearance of your home. Leather is extremely durable, but that doesn't mean it can evade highly noticeable wearing. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important to keep your leather looking its best! A lot of DIY leather cleaning can actually break your leather finishes down, which results in dryness and cracking. Chem-Dry of Savannah offers a safe and effective cleaning to restore your leather furniture back to its vibrant, shiny state. 

leather cleaning savannah ga

Leather Restoration

The technicians at Chem-Dry of Savannah are well-trained to address all of the typical problems associated with leather wear. Scrapes and wear marks are unavoidable throughout the lifetime of your leather furniture. Our expert technicians will take the time necessary to inspect the furniture and apply special pigmentation to perfectly match the leather's original tan. The colors of sensitive aniline leathers can also be revitalized with our services. Depending on the age of the upholstery and the amount of use it gets, regular cleanings are recommended two to four times per year for the best looking furniture.

Leather Maintenance

The appearance of leather furniture can be worn down over time, body oils, skin acids, and perspiration - all of which can leave dark spots or stains.

  • Oils and grease can cause very serious damage to the protective finish of the furniture, people and animals add to this type of wear.
  • The dust and soils in the air, from common home activities, eventually find their way onto leather furniture and cause problems once they do.
  • Dirt, sand, and plant residues are tracked throughout the home. They latch on to leather when it is used.
  • Inks and dyes can be difficult to remove without causing damage to the surface of the leather upholstery.

Chem-Dry of Savannah can efficiently identify what type of leather your furniture is and select the best products for a successful clean. Our processes are able to remove the buildup of elements like oils and dirt. Using a conditioner for your leather to protect it, the natural beauty and feel will be revitalized.


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