What is your area rug telling you?
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Help! Remember me? You always step on me? I am that fabulous area rug you picked out. You thought I was just right for your home. I was the one. You liked my colors, and my style. Now you bring dirt and allergens home from everywhere you go every day, and step on me! I get it. I am a rug but come on! You thought I was beautiful enough to buy. Help me out. I want to stay looking fresh. I’ve seen the bathroom rug, and it’s just embarrassing that I am dirtier than that rug! You track in stuff from everywhere: school, work, the gym, parking lots, public bathrooms, and parks.

This is what I want for my beauty care regimen:

  • Shake me out every couple of months! How hard is that? It’s easy. Just take me outside and shake off the dirt. 

  • Vacuum me! Please!!! Twice a week if possible because that will help get rid of anything that has come in deeper, and it’ll keep the dirt from going into my fibers.

  • Rotate me at least once a year! Once a year. I’m not asking too much. This will help stop one side of me from getting more worn out than the other. I want to be equally good looking all of the way around. 

  • Get me professionally cleaned! Spa day! This will make me look better, smell better, and last longer. Chem-Dry of Savannah will pay attention to detail so that they can rid me of dirt and allergens. They can restore me to my good looking self!   

 Doing these things will keep me looking fabulous throughout the year!